Take your own personal tour of SammyEHR right here, right now! Watch this video detailing highlights and costs. Even if you are not shopping for a new system, there is a lot of helpful information in this demonstration for you. Our MIPS features and our guidance will get you the highest bonus possible! 

Leading the way through the maze of healthcare requirements

We at ICS Software, Ltd. specialize in offering electronic health records software for small to medium size offices. Those wishing to stay on top of the current trends and requirements and are looking for a reliable and affordable solution for their offices have come to the right place. We have been serving the medical community since 1986 under the same ownership. We strive to make sure our current clients’ offices run efficiently and are ahead of the curve.

We have a retention rate unlike any other software company out there. That is because we provide a great program with wonderful support. There are so many things to know in order to manage your practices efficiently. Our products were designed and our staff is trained to help you through it all.

Join the over 1,700 providers who switched to Sammy and never turned back along with over 8,000 providers using one or more of our ancillary services.