Why should you choose Sammy?

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You have the choice of either renting Sammy on the cloud or purchasing Sammy to own and install on your in house encrypted server. We are constantly adding specialized tools into our EMR system which you get every 15 days. Use Sammy on a tablet and bring it into the treatment rooms. Although it’s not technically “tablet based,” we can …

sammywebWhy should you choose Sammy?

What do Sammy clients have to say about Sammy?

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Myself and my partners appreciate not only the effort but the continued support. We will of course support you and yours for many years to come.  Sammy is the BEST program out there for Podiatrists. Jacob E Hanlon DPM, FACFAS Owner and CEO, Delaware Podiatric Medicine, PA I wanted to write this note because I can understand the frustration that …

sammywebWhat do Sammy clients have to say about Sammy?