2017 Highlights: Sammy Systems

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We are proud to report that over 800 Sammy users have achieved scores at or above 80% with over 500 providers with a perfect score of 100%! This will get them the highest possible bonus for their Medicare approved charges in 2019. Congratulations to all of you!


The development of the new Measure Calculator and updated registry website has been completed. A lot of research and development was required to deliver a comprehensive tool that makes it simple to understand your MIPS scores and report them to the registry.


For 2018, our measures were approved by CMS as QCDR measures. This means that getting a 100% score in 2018 will be easily achievable; even easier than it was for 2017. Our approved measures have to do with adult heel pain, pediatric heel pain, pediatric flat foot, bunions, hammertoes and ulcers. Measures 126 and 127 can still be used as well.

All of our measures can be used for ANY PLACE OF SERVICE, which means that ANY type of Podiatry practice can use and get credit for those measures.

We never planned on being a registry until 4 years ago when we realized the kind of support needed to help our clients through the maze of regulations. We will continue servicing our clients so they do not need to call or deal with anyone else, and at the same time afford them extra points wherever possible to achieve the highest possible scores. We have made the workflow in Sammy as simple as can be so everyone can participate.

Approved MedXpress QCDR Measures for 2018

  1. Heel Pain Treatment Outcomes for Pediatric Patients
  2. Identification of Flat Foot in Pediatric Patients
  3. Bunion Outcome – Adult and Adolescent
  4. Hammer Toe Outcome
  5. Heel Pain Treatment Outcomes for Adults
  6. Peripheral Vascular Assessment – Patients 70+
  7. Foot Wound Outcome
  8. Non-Invasive Vascular Testing Follow-up in Patients After Revascularization
  9. Non-Invasive Vascular Testing in Patients Diagnosed with Intermittent Claudication Who Use Cilostazal or Pentoxifylline
  10. Vascular Testing Outcome Measure Supervised Programs
  11. Non-Invasive Vascular Testing in Patients with Abnormal CVI Screening That Completed Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  12. Peripheral Vascular Assessment % of Diabetic Patients 50+
  13.  Patients with Lower Limb Ulceration with a Previously Abnormal Vascular Study Receiving Negative Pressure Wound Therapy


This year, we deployed our new service that allows for email, text, phone calls and same day appointment texts so patients do not forget their appointments and no-show rates moves to new lows. Many have signed up with the service and happily it is performing as expected. Those of you who have not yet signed up should give it a try!


Our BFN feature is catching on. For most offices, this feature can negate the need for routing slips since the generation of the note can create the claim at the same time. Next chance you get, check out the 19-minute webinar on our website to get a sampling of how it works.


Everyone needs supplies. It gets harder and harder to keep track of things you use and need to order. With this service, you can save some money and have your own concierge buyer at your disposal to assist in the mundane tasks or returns, see what’s available, etc.

sammyweb2017 Highlights: Sammy Systems