5 Ways MX Appointments Can Benefit Your Practice

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If you’re a small to medium-size practice you are certainly judicious about how you spend money to improve your practice. At MX Appointments (formerly MX Connect) we get that! Our appointment reminder service is economical (in fact, you can give it a try for one week for only $50) and can bring you a surprising number of benefits, including:

  1. Reduce stress for your staff—making appointment confirmation calls can take up a substantial amount of your staff’s time and trying to fit that task in around all the rest of normal daily office work can be challenging. MX Appointments can take care of contacting patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment. We start 3 days prior to the appointment with an email and follow up with a text and phone call reminders to ensure confirmation of the appointment. Each morning your staff will receive a printable sheet for the day showing all confirmed appointments. This system reduces no-shows which further decreases the workload on your busy staff.
  2. Save money—MX Appointments works with any program you are currently using to export appointments. If you are a MedXpress client, you already have the software installed. If not, the interface is free.
  3. Eliminate weather related panic—in addition to using our service for appointment reminders, you can choose to have automated notifications go out to all scheduled patients if the office will be closed due to weather or other emergencies.
  4. Improve patient relations—appointment reminders are another way of staying connected with your patient and they say that you care about their health. Staying on an appointment schedule can create better patient outcomes. In addition, a patient’s opinion of your practice can be related to things other than your expert medical treatment. Having to pay a fee for missing an appointment or showing up on a snowy day only to find the office closed can create a negative impression that might preclude them from referring you to other patients.
  5. Increase revenue—studies show that on average, practices have a 5-7% no-show rate. Multiply that out over the course of a year and you will see how quickly you can improve your bottom line by lowering the number of missed appointments.

Convinced that you should give MX Appointments a try? Contact us today by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICS5 Ways MX Appointments Can Benefit Your Practice