6 Additions that Can Boost Your Practice

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Hopefully you already know the benefits of Sammy Electronic Health Records offered by ICS Software and you’ve seen the leap your practice has made in efficiency and revenue. Did you know, however, that there are several Add-Ons and Peripherals that can be integrated with your Sammy system and provided additional services for you and our patients? Below are some of the most popular:

  1. Sammy Podiatry App—this app links directly to SammyEHR and allows you to send and receive secure messages from patients and providers as well as images. It is a safe and secure way of sharing patient information that improves communication and engagement between you and your patients.
  2. MX Appointments—watch the number of “no-show” appointments plummet in your practice with MX Appointments. This automated patient reminder system starts three days before a scheduled appointment to send your patients emails, texts and phone calls in order to confirm or change the appointment so that you don’t end up with a disrupted workflow and empty patient slots.
  3. Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)—allows electronically transmit a controlled substance prescription directly to a participating pharmacy.
  4. Off-Site Backup Solution—sleep better knowing that your complete data will be backed up each night automatically and safely stored in case of a disaster.
  5. Online Intake Forms—add a link to your website to enable patients to complete intake forms online before they come into your office. Once Sammy receives the information you will have the option of importing all of the patient data directly into Sammy. Patient chart and all related dates will automatically be imported into the appropriate fields for you.
  6. Topaz Electronic Signature Capture Unit—patients can sign consent forms electronically with this device. Form and signature are saved into the patient’s file for quick and easy reference.

These are just a few of the options we offer to enhance your SammyEHR system. To learn more, contact us by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICS6 Additions that Can Boost Your Practice