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An Affordable Way to Tackle the “No-Show”

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At ICS Software, Ltd, we know that for the small to medium size medical practice staying current with the trends and technology necessary to run a successful business can be economically challenging. For over 25 years we’ve been providing the medical community with reliable and affordable solutions through our practice management software. MX Appointments (formerly known as MX Connect) is the answer to an ongoing problem: patients not showing up for appointments and failing to call ahead to cancel or reschedule.

The High Cost of Missed Appointments

When a patient doesn’t show up for an appointment it not only compromises their health and disrupts the flow of the day, it costs money. Just as an example, if you have an average of 4 missed appointments a day at $150 each it can cost you up to $150,000 a year in lost revenue when you add in the additional labor costs for scheduling, rescheduling and managing the paperwork. On a national level, research reveals that missed appointments cost the healthcare system over $150 billion a year!

Your Bottom Line

With MX Appointments you can greatly reduce the number of no-shows. Our automated appointment reminder system works with your existing computer program with an interface we provide for free. If you are a MedXpress Client, the software is already part of your system. Working 3 days ahead, MX Appointments will contact all of your patients via email to remind them of an upcoming appointment and give them the opportunity to confirm or contact the office to reschedule. Repeated attempts will be made by text and phone to reach the patient and confirm the appointment. On the day of the appointment patients receive a reminder text 2 hours before their scheduled time. Each morning your office will receive a printable status report regarding the patients scheduled for that day. If you use our API, your appointment calendar can show you the status of each appointment.

All of this is available for only 20 cents per appointment (not per email, text or call) or a monthly minimum of $99. We are so confident you will see a marked improvement in no-shows and love the service we provide that we are offering a 1-week trial of MX Appointments for $50. Contact us or call (877) 624-3250 today to find out how we can help you add thousands to your practice’s bottom line.

ICSAn Affordable Way to Tackle the “No-Show”