Building Good Patient Relations with MX Appointments

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A recent survey of 1,000 adults found that the vast majority of them wanted a closer relationship with their healthcare providers. In fact, 88% of those surveyed said they believed working as partners with their healthcare professionals would actually help them improve their overall health. But how can physicians go about forging better relationships with patients? One area has to do with how a practice handles “no-shows.”

When patients fail to show up for their appointments without any advance notification it creates holes in the doctor’s schedule and disrupts the flow of the office. Open time slots mean lost income for the doctor and extra work for the office staff. To combat this, many offices have instituted a payment penalty policy, imposing a financial charge to patients who fail to show up for appointments without canceling 24 hours ahead of time. While the need for medical practices is understandable, the effect of this “punishment policy” is a bad taste in the mouth of patients and a definite decrease in the patient’s level of satisfaction with the practice.

A Better Solution for No-Shows

MX Appointments (formerly known as MX Connect) offers an excellent way to both decrease the incidence of no-shows and forge stronger bonds with your patients. Using a combination of emails, texts and phone calls MX Appointments connects with your patients through a system of appointment reminders. Using the appointment system on your computer (we provide the free interface), MX Appointments starts 3 days before with an email to the patient reminding them of the date and time of their appointment and giving them the option to confirm or contact the office if they need to make a change. A text attempt to confirm and then follow up phone call will also be made if the patient remains unconfirmed. Finally, a text is sent two hours before the appointment to serve as a last-minute memory jogger.

The end result is no more no-shows for your office, better patient outcomes and a sense of connection and caring between your patient and your practice. Find out how this surprisingly affordable service can work for you.  Contact us online or call 877-624-3250 to speak to one of our representatives. You—and your patients—will be glad you did.




ICSBuilding Good Patient Relations with MX Appointments