Don’t Let Weather Issues Wreak Havoc with Appointments

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Does this scenario sound familiar? There’s a snowstorm in the forecast and your patients are all wondering if your office is open or closed. Your staff is spending most of the day on the phone fielding calls from patients. If your office is open, over half your patients don’t show. If you’re closed, half of your patients do show and they are angry that they made the trip for nothing! MX Appointments (formerly known as MX Connect) can transform that chaos into peace and order and happy patients.

Appointment Software Benefits

The next time there’s a weather incident or your office has a flood or other issue that necessitates closing, MX Appointments will call your patients for you and alert them to the closing. This same program will also help you greatly reduce the number of no-shows on a daily basis. It works with your current computer program and the interface is free. In fact, if you are a MedXpress client, you already have the software installed. With a multi-pronged effort, MX Appointments reminds your patients of upcoming appointments. Here’s how it works:

  • Each day at 4 p.m. your appointments for the next 3 days will automatically transmit to the MX Appointment processing center.
  • 3 days prior to an appointment the patient will receive an email giving them the opportunity to click and confirm the appointment.
  • 2 days before the appointment, if the patient did not confirm via email, a custom text will be sent out with the option to reply and confirm the appointment.
  • The night before the appointment the patient will receive a phone call to confirm.
  • All patients receive a text 2 hours prior to their appointments.

Each morning your office will receive a printable status report showing all the patients that were contacted and their responses. If you use our API, your appointment calendar will automatically show the status of each appointment.

Best of all, this effective system for patient reminders and weather alerts is affordable. It costs only 20 cents per appointment (not per email or text). To learn how this system can save you thousands of dollars each year and improve the workflow of your office, contact us by calling (877) 624-3250. You can try MX Appointments for one week for just $50.

ICSDon’t Let Weather Issues Wreak Havoc with Appointments