What’s Holding Your Practice Back?

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Practice management specialists recommend that doctor’s review benchmarks annually to assess how their practice is doing. At ICS Software, we know that for small to medium size practices, you need to keep a tight rein on expenses while finding ways to increase revenue, expand your patient base and, above all, provide the best possible outcomes for your patients.

Our MX Software products are designed to help your practice from every angle. All of our software is completely integrated with our SAMMY electronic health record program. And, we pride ourselves on providing top notch customer services to our clients across the country. We are prompt, courteous, efficient and there whenever you need us. Below are some common issues and ways we can help you eliminate them and achieve your practice goals.

“I’m losing so much revenue due to ‘no-shows.’”

MX Appointments is our automated patient reminder software that can help plug the revenue drain caused by patients missing appointments or canceling at the very last minute. With MX Appointments, your appointments are automatically sent to our processing center 3 days ahead. Using a combination of interactive emails, texts and phone calls, we contact your patients multiple times, using multiple means of communication in order to get appointments confirmed and give patients a chance to contact you early if they need to reschedule.

“I need to optimize my MIPS bonuses.”

Our MX Registry Software is a qualified clinical data and specialized registry. You can submit all MIPS data through the registry, including Advancing Care, Practice Improvement and Quality. You can use podiatry-specific QCDR measures and submit files for ACI public health reporting points.

“I have to do a better job at verifying patient information.”

With MX Eligibility, you can check Medicare and commercial eligibility for over 500 companies. You can verify patient information, eligibility and deductible status. Direct interface is available and it’s only 25 cents per eligibility check with no monthly minimum.

“Getting claims processed takes too long and impacts my cash flow.”

MX Claims allows you to send direct claims to Medicare, DMERC, RR Medicare and others. We provide the fastest and most reliable claims transmissions on the market at economical prices. Our software interfaces with all billing software. Direct claims processing means faster payments.

To start making changes to up your practice game, contact us by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICSWhat’s Holding Your Practice Back?