MX Appointments Improve Patient Outcomes

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At MX Appointments (formerly MX Connect) we know that there are several reasons why patients miss appointments:

  • Forget
  • Double book their calendar
  • Something “more important” comes up
  • Fear of getting bad news from the doctor

Whatever the reason, studies show that missed medical appointments lead to less successful patient outcomes. Conditions that may not seem urgent when the initial appointment is made can quickly become worse and lead to situations where more invasive treatments will be required, and recovery time will be significantly increased. MX Appointments can help you reduce the number of no-show appointments at your practice.

Systematic Patient Reminders

With MX Appointments, each day your appointments for the next 3 days will be automatically transmitted to our processing center from which a number of methods of contact will be used to allow your patients the opportunity to confirm their appointments.

  • First, the patient will receive an email to which they can click to confirm their upcoming appointment. You also have the option of adding a link to the email that will send a real-time message to your office if the patient needs to be contacted for rescheduling.
  • If the patient does not confirm the appointment via email they will receive a text 2 days prior to the appointment. The patient will be able to confirm the appointment by replying Y to the text.
  • The evening before the appointment any patient who has not yet confirmed will receive a phone call (2 attempts will be made).
  • Finally, patients will receive a text 2 hours before their doctor’s visit reminding them of the appointment.

In addition to dramatically reducing the number of no-show appointments, our patient reminder system provides another way to connect with your patients, which in turn helps build better patient relations.

Try MX Appointments Today

If you’re a small to medium-sized medical practice you may be wondering if you can afford MX Appointments. It costs only 20 cents per appointment (not per contact) and for a monthly minimum charge of $99, you can get up to 495 patient reminders. There’s no expensive software to buy—MX Appointments works with any existing program you have to export patient appointments. To find out how you can try it out for only $50, contact us by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICSMX Appointments Improve Patient Outcomes