MX Appointments – New Name, Same Great Service

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ICS Software wants to announce that our product, MX Connect, has a new name: MX Appointments. Why the change? We wanted our name to better reflect what we do to help medical practices. MX Appointments is an automated appointment reminder system that helps build ongoing patient engagement. It is efficient and affordable making it ideal for the small to medium size medical practice.

No More No-Shows

MX Appointments works with any EHR system. If you export your appointments from your computer system, we can use that export for the automatic reminders. If you are already a MedXpress client, you already have the software installed. If you are not, there is no charge for the interface.

Patient no-shows are bad for your patients and your practice. The patient who misses the appointment is not getting the care they need. On your end, it means empty time slots that could have been given to other patients. Using a combination of emails and customized text messages, MX Appointments will start three days before a scheduled appointment sending reminders to the patient. The reminders will continue until the patient confirms the appointment. The patient will also receive a reminder text, two hours before their appointment.

Each morning your practice will receive a status report that is printable showing all the patients that have been contacted. If you already use our API, your appointment calendar can automatically show you the status of each appointment.

Bad Weather Bulletins

When there’s a snow storm or pending weather event or in the case of an office crisis such as a flood or electrical problem most practices are scrambling to get the word out to patients about whether to come in or not. MX Appointments can take care of this for you using the same software and export of your appointments for this purpose as well.

MX Appointments is a cost-effective way to foster good communications between you and your patients. To learn more about this and other ICS Software products that can help improve workflow and revenue cycles, contact us by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICSMX Appointments – New Name, Same Great Service