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5 Ways MX Appointments Works Harder for You

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At ICS Software we know how hard you work if you have a small to medium size podiatric practice. We have been serving practices just like yours nationwide for over 30 years by providing practice software and an EHR system that enable offices to increase efficiency and save time and money. One of our most helpful products is MX Appointments. MX Appointments can greatly reduce the number of “no-shows” you have each day. Below are 5 ways that MX Appointments works harder for your practice:

  1. We know how to reach your patients. Your patients are busy people. The most common reason patients miss a medical appointment is quite simply, they forget they have it. MX Appointments recognizes that patients operate through multiple mediums of communication in this fast-paced age and that’s why we use not one but three methods to reach your patients: email, phone and texting.
  2. We are persistent. MX Appointments doesn’t just reach out to your patients once. We try a minimum of 3 times to get in touch with your patient. First, we send an email, then we text your patient and finally, we will call the night before the appointment. With each contact, the patient has the opportunity to confirm the appointment. We will even send a reminder text to your patients 2 hours before their scheduled appointment.
  3. We are automatic. Once you sign on for MX Appointments, your work is done. Each day at 4 p.m. all of your appointments for the next three days will be automatically sent to our processing system. We make the reminder contacts and each morning your office will receive a report showing the status of all your appointments for the day.
  4. We save you time and money. It’s a fact that “no-shows” cost doctors tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. MX Appointments can greatly reduce that amount. In addition, we save your staff the time of making confirmation calls and of having to reshuffle the schedule and rebook missed appointments.
  5. We let patients know you care. Reminder calls are a way of staying connected to your patients. They say, “we care about your health care and want to make sure you get the treatment you need.”

To learn more about MX Appointments, contact us today by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICS5 Ways MX Appointments Works Harder for You