MX Claims and MX Appointments Increase Revenue

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At ICS Software we know how difficult it is for small and medium-size medical practices to stay profitable. That’s why we have created software and systems specifically designed to help you manage your practice, stay current and be efficient. Two products that can increase your revenue are MX Claims and MX Appointments.

MX Claims

At ICS Software we are the experts when it comes to DIRECT claims transmissions. We provide the quickest and most reliable claims transmissions for Medicare, DMERC, RR Medicare and others. DIRECT claims processing results in faster payments. MX Claims interfaces with all billing software, and gives you encrypted, easy-to-read reports. The setup fee is only $35 per computer on which you would like to install MedXpress. The fee is $30 per month per account for the first submitter. Additional submitter numbers may be added for $20 per month. We also offer special pricing for practices that transmit over 1,000 claims per month.

MX Appointments

It’s a well-known fact that “no-shows” for appointments cost medical practices tens of thousands of dollars every year. MX Appointments (formerly known as MX Connect) can greatly reduce the number of missed appointments. MX Appointments works with any program that allows you to export your appointments. Once set up, our program will automatically notify a patient of an upcoming appointment starting three days before the scheduled date and time. We use a combination of email, text and phone calls to reach the patient. The patient has multiple opportunities to confirm an upcoming appointment. You can also customize a message that will allow the patient to contact the office in real time if they are unable to keep the appointment and wish to reschedule. In addition to increasing your revenues, MX Appointments helps facilitate ongoing patient engagement, which builds relationships and loyalty.

In addition to superior products, we pride ourselves in offering prompt and knowledgeable support services. If you’d like to learn more about MX Claims, MX Appointments and other products that we offer to increase revenue and help you run your medical practice more efficiently, contact us today by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICSMX Claims and MX Appointments Increase Revenue