What Will You Do When the Next Storm Comes?

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At ICS Software we serve small to medium size medical practices across the country. For some of our clients this is hurricane season; for others, winter snow and ice storms are right around the corner. Is your office prepared for the next storm? When roads get bad or there are power outages, floods or other unexpected weather-related emergencies that necessitate closing your office we have a way to get the word out to your patients quickly and easily.

MX Appointments to the Rescue

Bad weather and other emergencies can leave your staff scrambling to call patients and prevent them from making an unnecessary trip to your office. If calls don’t go out fast enough, you may have disgruntled patients on your hands as well as having to deal with whatever emergency has closed your office. MX Appointments can take care of this task simply and automatically for you. If you are an MX Appointment user, your office’s appointments for the next three days have automatically been transferred to our processing center already. Simply let us know the message you want to be sent to your patients and how long your office will be closed, and we can use a combination of methods to reach your patients.

Preventing No-Shows

Of course, the primary purpose of MX Appointments is to remind patients of upcoming appointments. During the 3 days prior to an appointment, we will reach out to each of your patients via email, text and phone call to remind them of the appointment and invite them to confirm that they will keep it. We will continue to attempt to reach your patient if they have not confirmed right up until the night before their scheduled visit with 2 attempts by phone to contact them.

Each morning, your office will receive a printable report showing the status of all the appointments for the upcoming day. If you’re a MedXpress client, the software for MX Appointments is already installed in your computer system and you will even be able to see that status of appointments in your appointment calendar.

MX Appointments is economical and easy to use. Our friendly and well-trained support staff is always available to help you with any issues you may have with the program.

So, whether it’s for the smooth running of your daily appointments or an emergency alert that needs to be sent to your patients, rely on MX Appointments to take care of it. To learn more about how to get this software for your practice, contact us by calling: (877) 624-3250.

ICSWhat Will You Do When the Next Storm Comes?