Passive MIPS Reporting

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Get 10%+ Bonus for 2017 MIPS reporting!

We are dedicated to Podiatry and have made it our business to make it easy for Podiatrists to not only stay on top of, but exceed the requirements.  This is proven by the fact that our clients have been enjoying bonuses since 2007.  Now, the bonuses are much higher and could reach as much as 22%.

You can spend your time asking lots of questions about it, attending webinars with wrong information from others trying to understand it, OR you can have Sammy keep track of it for you while you do your work.  We call it “Passive MIPS reporting.”

SammyEHR for Podiatrists has been updated to guide Sammy users through their existing workflows while not only meeting the MIPS measures, but achieving the highest performance possible to receive the maximum bonuses available.

In addition to updating our EHR software for our clients, we also applied to become a Registry to make reporting the requirements to CMS very simple at the end of the year.  There is no need to go shopping for a registry; simply click through Sammy to upload the data directly to our registry to complete the reporting.

Life doesn’t have to be so complicated.  Let us show you the way, as we have done since 1986.

sammywebPassive MIPS Reporting