Why Patient Engagement Matters

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At ICS Software we know that engaging your patients is essential for optimal health care outcomes and for the success of your medical practice. Understanding your patients and taking the time to learn more about them increases the chances of compliance with prescribed treatments. The first step, however, is getting them to keep their appointments.

The High Cost of “No-Shows”

It’s currently estimated that missed appointments cost the medical industry over $150 billion each year. While this figure is staggering, in reality, the number is actually higher if you factor in the following:

  • Patients who miss appointments often end up with a worse condition that requires more extensive and expensive treatment.
  • No-show patients are at risk for developing additional medical concerns and may in turn sue for malpractice in attempt to blame the physician for a condition that went undetected due to an interruption in the continuity of care.

Enter MX Appointments. Our automated patient reminder system can greatly reduce the number of no-shows in your office. Here’s how it works:

  • Each day at 4 p.m. your appointments for the next 3 days are automatically uploaded to our processing center.
  • Over the course of the 3 days prior to an upcoming appointment, we will reach out to the patient in 3 different ways. First, by email, then by text and finally with a phone call. We will make multiple attempts to reach the patient and at each step of the way, they will have the opportunity to confirm their appointments.
  • Every morning a report will be waiting for your staff showing the status of appointments for that day.

MX Appointments works with all existing software that exports appointments. The interface is free and if you are a MedXpress client you already have the software installed. MX Appointments also allows you to customize your messages and offers an option for your patients to communicate with your office in real time through the reminder system.

Take the time to find out why your patients are missing appointments. Common reasons include cost of medical care, busy family schedules and fear of getting bad news. Learning more about why patients don’t show can help you better relate to them in a way that will encourage ongoing engagement.

To find out how to get MX Appointments working for you, contact us at (877) 624-3250.

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