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SammyEHR has the most up to date features in addition to those that are required by the government to help users meet Meaningful Use.  View our press release regarding our Meaningful Use status.

Information regarding costs and limitations is available here.

SammyEHR Features

BlueCheckComplete Practice Management

Although we are certified as a Complete EHR for 2014, our main focus is really the way your practice runs.  Your workflow and billing practices determine how your business operates, and we do not take that for granted.  Having been in this business since 1986, SammyEHR staff is well equipped to make sure you are running as efficiently as possible.

BlueCheckOne screen for Demographic Entry and MU

  • Sammy make tedious tasks easy by placing most of the Meaningful Use requirements on ONE screen.  While you’re there, you can knock off some of the PQRS measures at the same time.
  • No need to flip through different tabs and screens to enter your patient’s information!
  • Gather the information for the patients BEFORE they step foot into your office in a “temporary” chat.  The real chart is created when the patient comes in.  Sammy will also check the patient’s insurance eligibility for you with one click while you are on the phone scheduling the appointment!

BlueCheckPaper and Electronic Billing

We are big believers in getting claims entered as quickly as possible and making sure they are error free.  There are many checks and balances in Sammy to make sure you are warned during claim entry to make sure you have everything you need to send out an error free batch.

BlueCheckDirect Electronic Medicare Claims

Having been in this business so long, we know that sending direct claims is the way to go especially if you have a high Medicare and BCBS volume.  Why involve a middleman (clearinghouse)?  The fewer people who touch your claims, the better.  This is especially important during transitional times. (Remember the NPI changeover, NSF to 4010, then 4010 to 5010, and now soon to be ICD-10?).  Sammy clients didn’t worry about saving up to make sure they could make it through several months with no income.  They were getting paid all along.

BlueCheckClearinghouse Claims

The clearinghouse has proven to be a very stable and well run clearinghouse for your commercial claims.  We have been using the same one since our inception.  Fees are minimal and their support is terrific.  Claims that do not go “Direct” go through our clearinghouse.

BlueCheckInsurance Eligibility and Deductible Hold

You haven’t seen eligibility and deductible status verification until you have seen how Sammy does it.  Since Sammy’s parent company, ICS is the maker of, we have all the tools needed to provide our users with timely and correct eligibility data.  Sammy’s eligibility feature automatically manages your patients’ deductible and insurance status FOR YOU.

 BlueCheckAutomatic Payment Posting

The list of companies Sammy can autopost is very extensive.  Sammy clients receive this list after signing up.

BlueCheckNo-Fault and Worker’s Comp Billing

Sammy comes with the required No-Fault and Worker’s comp forms already built in.

BlueCheckElectronic CPOE (meds, radiology, labs)

SammyEHR complies with the 2014 Meaningful Use requirements.  Part of that is not only building in the required functionality, but making it simple and easy to use in true Sammy fashion.  CPOE is no exception.

BlueCheckPatient Portal

The newly designed patient portal is very easy and simple for both staff and patients to use.  Since we train you on the Meaningful Use requirements, we will of course equip you and your staff with time saving methods to ensure quick and easy portal creation for your patients.

BlueCheckSecure Messaging

For stage 2 of Meaningful Use, patients are required to send you a secure message from their portal account.  We of course have this functionality and will train you on best practices to help ensure this measure is met.

BlueCheckClinical Decision Support

Stage 2 of Meaningful Use requires that you have 5 clinical decision support rules set up in your system and that they are tied to clinical quality measures, and that they link to the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic resources.  (What the heck does that mean?)  Not to worry.  Our 2014 certified version of SammyEHR already has the rules built in and makes sure you have 5 active at all times.

BlueCheckOffice Reminder and Task System

As mentioned a few times, we are keen on practice management.  That includes making sure you have the tools built in that enable you to do quick and easy patient recalls.

BlueCheckLetter Generator

Our letter generator is like a mail merge system already built in to Sammy.  You can merge any and all patient demographic and billing data to your letters.  The system comes with many templates built in, but you can of course make your own.

BlueCheckFax Server

Utilize our internal fax server to send out referring doctor letters, letter generator letters and more directly from the computer.  No need to print out a document and bring it to the fax machine!


SNOMED is of course built in to SammyEHR on the back end.  Sammy has pre-mapped all of the codes for you.  If you are coding geek like us, then you can manage your library on your own too if you like.

BlueCheckInfobutton Implementation

Even though we had to have patient education built in to the 2011 certified version of SammyEHR, we had to also build in the infobutton functionality for the 2014 version.  In a nutshell, it is thousands and thousands of built in patient education that pops up only if it is applicable to the patient’s existing problems, medications or lab results.

BlueCheckElectronic Filing Cabinet

The filing cabinet is accessible from both the patient chart in the main Sammy area and the SamNotes charting area.  We pride ourselves on creating screens that contain the patient’s information at a glance without having to click in and out of screens.  The file cabinet is no exception since it is viewable on both patient screens.

BlueCheckClinical Reconciliation

When you receive a transition of care document from another provider (or if the patient brings it to you), you can of course incorporate the patient’s problems, medications and allergies directly into the patient’s record in SammyEHR.

BlueCheckClinical Picture Import

Sammy supports many integrations with many different imaging systems.  Contact us to find out if we have an interface built with your vendor.  If not, we are happy to create one.  If you choose to, you can import these pictures directly into your notes or they can remain accessible at a quick glance in the patient’s file cabinet.

BlueCheckAudit Logging and Data Encryption

All data that is entered, modified or deleted is logged in SammyEHR in the audit log.  The system has a robust security area that is accessible by the security administrator.  We can help you beef up your security to comply with the HIPAA and Meaningful Use regulations.

Costs and Limitations


This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

ICS Software, Ltd.’s SammyEHR v6.1 program was certified on December 19, 2013.  The criteria certified includes 170.314(a)(1-15); 170.314(b)(1-5, 7); 170.314(c)(1-3); 170.314(d)(1-8); 170.314(e)(1-3); 170.314(f)(1-3) and 170.314(g)(2-4).  SammyEHR v6.1’s certification ID number is 12192013-2382-5.  The Clinical Quality Measures tested include CMS050v2; CMS068v3; CMS069v2; CMS123v2; CMS127v2; CMS138v2; CMS139v2; CMS156v2; CMS165v2.  Additional software used includes NewCropRx and Updox Direct 2014.

SammyEHR v6.1 (and SammyEHR v6.1 with EPCS) is a Complete ARRA certified system that is available in either a client/server environment hosted in the office of the client, or a SAAS model of the same system hosted by our company at our datacenter.

Client/server Model Cost:  Clients purchase the software and pay an ongoing monthly support fee for services as stated in the signed contract.  Clients outside of our local service area provide their own hardware subject to conformity to our recommended hardware specifications published on our website.  Clients in our local service area have the option to obtain the necessary hardware, installation, wiring, training and ongoing support from our technical support department or from their preferred service provider.

SAAS Model Cost:  Clients pay a fixed monthly fee per provider to use the software and services.  Clients must maintain our recommended VPN connections to the datacenter (details on our website), and are not required to purchase any hardware from us. Training is included in the monthly cost for up to three months from installation of the software.  Additional training is available.

This 2014 ARRA certified product-version may require one-time costs to establish interfaces for transmission to and from laboratories, hospitals and health exchanges (if the specifications do not meet HL-7 interoperability standards) or integration with other ONC certified systems, depending on the complexity of the interface requested by the other vendor and client.

There are no additional technical or contractual limitations to SammyEHR v6.1 or SammyEHR v6.1 with EPCS.

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