How Sammy Can Help Your Practice – Part 1

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At ICS Software we are dedicated to helping your small or medium-sized medical practice be the best and most successful that it can be. For over 30 years, we have been assisting clients across the country with all areas of managing their practices. Our flagship program, SammyEHR, is a complete practice management program. It helps podiatrists streamline their practices for maximum efficiency and revenue as well as improved patient care and satisfaction. Below are some ways Sammy can help you:

  1. File direct electronic Medicare claims. The fewer people who touch your claims the better. We allow you to cut out the middleman and get your claims filed quickly and efficiently.
  2. Providing patient portals. Our newly designed patient portal is simple and easy for both staff and patients to use. Our highly experienced support staff will assist you every step of the way in portal creation for your patients.
  3. Insurance eligibility checking. ICS Software is the maker of and we have all the tools needed for our clients to check patient eligibility. As a Sammy user, we will automatically manage your patients’ deductible and insurance status for you.
  4. Office reminder and task system. Make it easy for your staff to be organized and efficient. Built-in tools make patient recalls quick and easy.
  5. Letter generator. Acting as a mail merge system, our letter generator allows you to merge any and all patient demographic and billing data to your letters. It comes with many templates and the option to custom design your own as well.
  6. Electronic filing cabinet. Our filing cabinet is accessible from multiple parts of the program and contains the patient’s information at a glance without having to click in and out of several screens.
  7. Clinical picture import. Sammy supports many integrations with different imaging systems. Chances are, we already have an interface built with your vendor, but if not, we are happy to create one with you. Pictures can be imported directly into your notes or stay in a separate place in your patient’s file cabinet.

These are just some of the many ways SammyEHR can benefit your practice. To find out how you can learn more and sign up for SammyEHR, contact us by calling: (888) 680-5711.

ICSHow Sammy Can Help Your Practice – Part 1