Sammy Systems: New Product Offerings

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ICS Software, maker of “The Sammy Systems” announced several new products designed to assist Podiatrists with meeting the requirements of MU, PQRS and Office Automation.

The first is a HIPAA compliant web intake form solution which is in use by many SammyEHR users. After patients complete a series of questions from their computer, the information is automatically entered into the SammyEHR demographic and clinical areas.

The second is their new Patient Kiosk (scheduled for release late summer). Patients can check in at the office, pay their bill, update their personal and health information and much more.

Both products are capable of helping doctors and their offices meet the requirements of the Patient Portal, Secure message, and many of the PQRS measures thereby automating the entire check-in process.

In addition, ICS Software is pleased to announce it is an approved PQRS registry for 2015.  As experts in the Podiatry arena, they have made PQRS reporting very easy.  Visit to reserve your spot to report PQRS via registry in 2015.  The website is being updated to enable easy auto selection of PQRS measures and tips and tricks on easiest data collection methods.

For more information, contact us.

sammywebSammy Systems: New Product Offerings