HIPAA and Security Information

HIPAA and security go hand in hand.  Having a HIPAA manual is not enough!  Here at SU, learn about emergency access, automatic log-off, data integrity, authentication, encryption and more.

View Guidance on Risk Analysis from the US Department of Health and Human Services Website.

Here is another link from www.HealthIT.gov.  Scroll down to view the free risk analysis they provide to help you comply with Core Measure 15 (Risk Analysis) for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use.

The Importance of Encryption

HIPAA has a lot to say about encryption of your data.
Please read this .pdf we put together to help you understand a little bit more about encryption of your server and how it relates to your ePHI for which you are responsible.  This is not a total recap of the HIPAA requirements…just one easy one for you to do to protect your patient’s ePHI incase your server is stolen.
Encryption Information

TLD Systems HIPAA Questionnaire

If you are interested in having your manual created for you by TLD Systems, please complete the online questionnaire by clicking on the link below*.
Please note:  Core Measure 15 of Meaningful Use requires that you have an updated risk analysis completed for each location you have access to ePHI in each year you attest for Meaningful Use.
Instructions for the TLD Systems HIPAA Security Compliance Program
Electronic HIPAA Questionnaire for HIPAA Manual Creation
*ICS Software, Ltd. is not affiliated with TLD Systems and is not responsible for information provided by TLD Systems or for HIPAA manual content. 

Recorded Webinars

Requirements for a HIPAA Manual (14:38 minutes) View on PC View on iPad and iPhone
View this previously recorded webinar to learn about what is needed to have a HIPAA manual that will satisfy Meaningful Use requirements.  It is important to note that if your HIPAA manual has not been updated recently, it will need to be updated to be compliant.

Often in life a situation comes along where you say to yourself, “I didn’t expect that!”.  The reason that happens is because you never really thought about that particular happening.  When it comes to HIPAA and security, you DO NOT want to have that conversation with yourself, especially when you can learn all about it right here.  Once you learn the information, you will know what you may expect and you will be prepared for it.

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