Practice Management

Your practice is your business.  You need to know how to use the information you have to maintain and increase your activity.

2018 New Year Information (PDF Download) for Sammy Clients

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Being in business is not easy, especially when the typical practice consists of one or two Doctors and one or more staff members.  The business side of the practice is usually handled by the Doctor, as staff often comes and goes.  There’s banking, insurance, office structure, air conditioning, heat, electricity, advertising, promotional materials, paying bills (ever pay a bill twice?), and a lot more to be “handled”.

For these reasons alone, practice management is truly the “management of your practice”, and that is the topic for this section of SammyU.

The other pages on this website that pertain to MIPS, HIPAA and our Educational webinars are there to provide you with the information you need to know.  Even if you are not a Sammy user, you will still find the information helpful.  There is a lot of room for interpretation and we have made it our business to minimize the risk by being very conservative in our recommendations.

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