Registration and Attestations

**The Medicare website has a wealth of information about Meaningful Use.  Please read their website to become familiar with the process from start (registration) to finish (attestation).

There are 2 versions of SammyEHR that are now certified.  One is the version with EPCS enabled, and the other is without.  Please make sure you use the proper CMS EHR certification ID based on which version you have.

  • SammyEHR v6.1 WITH EPCS CMS EHR Certification ID:  1314E01QK9VSEAB
  • SammyEHR’s v6.1 WITHOUT EPCS CMS EHR Certification ID:  A014E01MZPAHEAT
    • (You will need this when you complete your attestation.  Use this number ONLY if you SammyEHR was the only certified EHR you used during your reporting period).
  • Visit the CHPL (Certified Health Product Listing) if you did not use only SammyEHR to achieve Meaningful Use to obtain a CMS EHR Certification ID. Click here for instructions on how to select multiple EHRs on the CHPL site.

What’s the difference between the CMS EHR certification ICD’s and CHPL product numbers?  Click here for the answer!

sammywebRegistration and Attestations