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At ICS Software we know that one of the most valuable assets your medical practice has is your staff. Any good practitioner who wants to be successful recognizes the benefit of listening to the members of your team and truly trying to improve the workflow and environment in your office. While there are many ways to incentivize your staff, one big way to raise their level of satisfaction is by efficiently streamlining the workload. MX Appointments helps you do just that.

Eliminate Tedious Reminder Calls

All jobs have their less than thrilling tasks and for staff at a medical practice making appointment reminder calls is near the top of the list. MX Appointments takes that tedious task off your staff’s to do list. Each day at 4 p.m. the appointments for the next three days will automatically be transmitted to our processing center. From there a series of emails, texts and phone calls will be systematically sent to your patients reminding them of their upcoming appointment. At every stage, patients have the opportunity to confirm their appointment. In addition, you have the option of adding a link that will send a message to your office in real time indicating that the patient needs to be called for a re-schedule.

Improve Work Flow

When a patient fails to show up for an appointment, not only does it cost your practice money, it interferes with the flow of work and disrupts the smooth and efficient running of your office. Patients have to be juggled, rooms and staff rearranged. And, of course, the patient who missed the appointment has to then be contacted to make a new appointment. This can increase the stress level in your office and have a negative impact on your staff. MX Appointments can dramatically decrease the number of “no-shows” to your office each day. Knowing how busy patients are, we even send a reminder text two hours before the appointment to catch those who may have become caught up in something that would cause the appointment to slip their mind.

You’ll also be surprised to find out just how affordable MX Appointments is. Want to find out how? Contact us today or call (877) 624-3250 to talk to one of our helpful and knowledgeable sales staff.

ICSShow Staff Appreciation with MX Appointments