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See below training videos.  Additional demonstration and informative videos are available on our Webinar Schedule and Videos page.

Upgrade to SammyEHR v6.1 (2014)


PlayButtonUpgrade Training Video (13 min)

Just upgraded to SammyEHR v6.1?  Watch this video to learn about the changes in this new version.

Practice Management Training Videos

Sammy Clients in a Hands on Workshop, Hosted by the ICS Training Department

Sammy Clients in a Hands on Workshop, Hosted by the ICS Training Department

Automatic PQRS Reporting Instructional Video (5 minute VIDEO – Podiatry only)

The automatic PQRS reporting method is for those who utilize our work flows including use of the vascular, neuro and meds and allergies screens. If you don’t use those screens you may wish to adopt the manual method of reporting.

Collecting and Reporting Sales Tax (7:25 minutes) ADDED 1/5/2014

Learn how to set up the system properly so SammyEHR automatically adds sales tax to the items you sell in your office, if appropriate.

PECOS Edits –  Important Claims Information (19:21 minutes – AUDIO ONLY) ADDED 5/6/2013

Learn about the new PECOS referring doctor edits and how Sammy helps to make sure your DME claims do not get rejected.

How to Complete Sammy Registration Forms (5:44 minutes) ADDED 4/30/2013

Learn how to properly complete registration forms (for new and existing clients) in order to add new providers/locations or update provider/practice information.

Understanding the 277CA Report

How to Post Secondary Claims When the Tertiary is Electronic

This is only for 5010 claims and for SammyEHR clients.

NYS Medicaid Transmissions

Sending claims and obtaining reports as the new automatic method is recreated. If you do not know how to send your claims manually during this transition, you need to be on this webinar. We will show you how to upload your claims and download your reports and ERA.

E-Prescribing in Sammy (32 minutes)

Learn how to use Sammy’s electronic prescribing program.  This recorded webinar will show you how to search for pharmacies, enter current medications and allergies, run reports, renew medications, report the G code on your claims (no longer applicable in 2014), and much more!

How to Enter New Patients into SammyEHR

SamNotes Training Videos

SamNotes 1:  Setting and Getting Around View Recorded Webinar
Topics discussed: Feature Flags • Utilities/Preferences • Set Vital Sign Parameters • Letterhead and Intro/Ending Paragraph Setup • Ways to Start SamNotes • Daily Patient List • Automatic Updates of List • Search Criteria • Set Date of Service for a Session

SamNotes 2a:  History and Physical View Recorded Webinar
SamNotes 2b:  Mycotic Nails With Pain Super Macro and Routine Foot Care Super Macro View Recorded Webinar

SamNotes 3:  Chief Complaint Template and Inserting Pictures View Recorded Webinar
Topics discussed:  Run and Edit Chief Complaint Template • Multiple Complaints • Insert Pictures • Annotations • Prescription Documentation