Passive MIPS Reporting

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Get 10%+ Bonus for 2017 MIPS reporting! We are dedicated to Podiatry and have made it our business to make it easy for Podiatrists to not only stay on top of, but exceed the requirements.  This is proven by the fact that our clients have been enjoying bonuses since 2007.  Now, the bonuses are much higher and could reach as much …

sammywebPassive MIPS Reporting

Sammy Systems: New Product Offerings

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ICS Software, maker of “The Sammy Systems” announced several new products designed to assist Podiatrists with meeting the requirements of MU, PQRS and Office Automation. The first is a HIPAA compliant web intake form solution which is in use by many SammyEHR users. After patients complete a series of questions from their computer, the information is automatically entered into the …

sammywebSammy Systems: New Product Offerings

SammyEHR New Offer for Small Practices

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If you see less than 50 patients per week and are a single doctor practice, this post is for you! In order to meet the requirements for Meaningful Use and PQRS, you need a certified system.  We would like to offer you SammyEHR for a one time fee of $2,999 and a monthly maintenance fee of $249.  This does not mean you …

sammywebSammyEHR New Offer for Small Practices

Why should you choose Sammy?

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You have the choice of either renting Sammy on the cloud or purchasing Sammy to own and install on your in house encrypted server. We are constantly adding specialized tools into our EMR system which you get every 15 days. Use Sammy on a tablet and bring it into the treatment rooms. Although it’s not technically “tablet based,” we can …

sammywebWhy should you choose Sammy?