Say “Thanks to Your Staff”

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At ICS Software we offer many systems and products that can help improve the efficiency and profitability of your podiatric practice. But we know that nothing we offer is more valuable than your staff! The team that keeps your office humming and ensures that patients experience compassionate and personal care is something to be truly grateful for during this Thanksgiving …

ICSSay “Thanks to Your Staff”

6 Additions that Can Boost Your Practice

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Hopefully you already know the benefits of Sammy Electronic Health Records offered by ICS Software and you’ve seen the leap your practice has made in efficiency and revenue. Did you know, however, that there are several Add-Ons and Peripherals that can be integrated with your Sammy system and provided additional services for you and our patients? Below are some of …

ICS6 Additions that Can Boost Your Practice

What’s Holding Your Practice Back?

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Practice management specialists recommend that doctor’s review benchmarks annually to assess how their practice is doing. At ICS Software, we know that for small to medium size practices, you need to keep a tight rein on expenses while finding ways to increase revenue, expand your patient base and, above all, provide the best possible outcomes for your patients. Our MX …

ICSWhat’s Holding Your Practice Back?

Missed Appointments Cost More than Money

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At ICS Software we know that most of our clients are aware of the revenue drain caused by missed appointments. Experts estimate that “no-shows” and late cancellations cost our healthcare system in excess of $150 billion dollars a year. For an individual practice, that number breaks out to be between $100 and $1,000 per missed appointment depending on your specialty …

ICSMissed Appointments Cost More than Money
MX Appointments

5 Ways MX Appointments Works Harder for You

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At ICS Software we know how hard you work if you have a small to medium size podiatric practice. We have been serving practices just like yours nationwide for over 30 years by providing practice software and an EHR system that enable offices to increase efficiency and save time and money. One of our most helpful products is MX Appointments. …

ICS5 Ways MX Appointments Works Harder for You
insurance eligibility

7 Reasons Why Your Practice Needs MX Eligibility

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How much time does your office staff spend determining the insurance eligibility of your patients? At ICS Software, we make products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium podiatry practices. MX Eligibility can save your practice time and money and it’s simple to use. Below are 7 benefits to MX Eligibility: You can verify patient …

ICS7 Reasons Why Your Practice Needs MX Eligibility

What Will You Do When the Next Storm Comes?

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At ICS Software we serve small to medium size medical practices across the country. For some of our clients this is hurricane season; for others, winter snow and ice storms are right around the corner. Is your office prepared for the next storm? When roads get bad or there are power outages, floods or other unexpected weather-related emergencies that necessitate …

ICSWhat Will You Do When the Next Storm Comes?

Why Patient Engagement Matters

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At ICS Software we know that engaging your patients is essential for optimal health care outcomes and for the success of your medical practice. Understanding your patients and taking the time to learn more about them increases the chances of compliance with prescribed treatments. The first step, however, is getting them to keep their appointments. The High Cost of “No-Shows” …

ICSWhy Patient Engagement Matters

MX Claims and MX Appointments Increase Revenue

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At ICS Software we know how difficult it is for small and medium-size medical practices to stay profitable. That’s why we have created software and systems specifically designed to help you manage your practice, stay current and be efficient. Two products that can increase your revenue are MX Claims and MX Appointments. MX Claims At ICS Software we are the …

ICSMX Claims and MX Appointments Increase Revenue

MX Appointments Improve Patient Outcomes

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At MX Appointments (formerly MX Connect) we know that there are several reasons why patients miss appointments: Forget Double book their calendar Something “more important” comes up Fear of getting bad news from the doctor Whatever the reason, studies show that missed medical appointments lead to less successful patient outcomes. Conditions that may not seem urgent when the initial appointment …

ICSMX Appointments Improve Patient Outcomes