MedXpress: We Work for You

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As the owner of small to medium medical practice, what are your biggest concerns? Improving workflow and running your office efficiently? Providing the best care for your patients? Maintaining and increasing revenue streams? Making sure your staff is satisfied and not overworked? At ICS Software Systems we hear you! We offer our MedXpress Suite of services to help you in …

ICSMedXpress: We Work for You

MX Claims and MX Appointments Increase Revenue

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At ICS Software we know how difficult it is for small and medium-size medical practices to stay profitable. That’s why we have created software and systems specifically designed to help you manage your practice, stay current and be efficient. Two products that can increase your revenue are MX Claims and MX Appointments. MX Claims At ICS Software we are the …

ICSMX Claims and MX Appointments Increase Revenue