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Winter is Coming—Is Your Practice Ready?

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At ICS Software we know that some of the podiatric practices we serve are already beginning to get ice, snow and sleet. For many practices, bad weather means the staff has to scramble to contact patients to inform them of office closures. Inevitably, someone doesn’t get the message and slogs through hazardous conditions to get to your office, only to find that it’s closed. This can undermine patient relations, to say the least.

Automated Updates for Patients

You can eliminate this problem by using MX Appointments. This service can automatically send messages to your patients alerting them of situations that require a change in your office hours. In addition to weather emergencies, this can also include maintenance issues, such as flooding or a leaking roof. MX Appointments saves your staff time and hassle and ensures that your patients find out in a timely manner that your office will close unexpectedly.

Decrease “No-Shows”

Another way that MX Appointments can help your practice increase revenue and run more smoothly is by our patient appointment reminder software program. At the end of each day, all of your appointments for the next 3 days will automatically be transmitted to our processing center. Between then and the day of the appointment, patients will be contacted by email, text and phone to remind them of the upcoming appointment. At each point of contact, patients will have a chance to confirm the appointment or reschedule. On the day of the appointment, patients will receive a reminder text two hours before the scheduled time to be in the office. This can save your office thousands of dollars each year.

MX Appointments is just one of many software products and services that ICS offers. We specialize in helping small to medium size practices nationwide be more successful and profitable and also improve patient relations and engagement. To learn how we can help you, contact us today by calling (877) 624-3250.

ICSWinter is Coming—Is Your Practice Ready?