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Ho Ho Hoping for Fewer Holiday No-Shows?

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Tis the season for patients to have way more than usual on their minds and their to-do lists. At ICSSoftware, we know that preventing patients from cancelling appointments last minute or not showing up at all are top priorities for all podiatric practices. Missed appointments are frustrating for staff, cost you thousands in revenue and are ultimately detrimental to the health of your patients. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help your patients not blowoff their appointments in favor of more holiday shopping or an extra hour at the office Christmas party.

  1. Don’toverbook. If you habitually keep patients waiting when they come for an appointment, they’ll have it in their mind that the visit to your office is going to take a long time. They will also feel justified in not keeping an appointment during this busy season. Keep your office on schedule and if you do fall behind, have a receptionist call patients and let them know you are running late.
  2. Publish alate/no-show policy. Create a reasonable policy for missed or late appointments and publish it in your office so patients have a clear understanding of the consequences for missed appointments.
  3. Use a patient reminder system. MX Appointments is a great way to remind patients of upcoming appointments and also streamline your practice’s scheduling. It’s affordable and easy to use. Each day at 4 p.m. your appointments for the upcoming three days will automatically transmit to our processing center. Patients will receive first an email with the date and time of the appointment and an opportunity to respond and confirm. If unsuccessful, MX Appointments will move on to a text reminder and another chance to confirm. Finally, if the appointment has not been confirmed, we will attempt to reach your patient by phone the night before the appointment. As a last-minute nudge, patients get a text two hours before the appointment.

You can reduce the number of no-shows and late appointments in your practice and we can help. To learn more about MX Appointments, contact us by calling (877) 624-3250.

ICSHo Ho Hoping for Fewer Holiday No-Shows?