The medical software products listed on this website are all developed, sold and supported by ICS Software, Ltd.

The Sammy Systems

The Sammy Systems are used by thousands of Podiatrists across the country. No one cares about Podiatrists like we do.

The Sammy Systems were written for small to medium sized practices interested in speeding up their work flow and freeing up staff to complete tasks computers cannot handle.  Since being in the business for over 30 years, we have received tons of feedback from our clients.  It is because of our clients that Sammy is as user friendly as it is today.  Sammy is perfect for practices looking for an intuitive, easy to use program.  (For those who are switching from another software vendor, please note that we can normally complete a patient demographic data and/or notes conversion at your request).

SammyEHR is our all inclusive Electronic Health Records program.  It includes all of the features you need to apply for your incentive payments.  When we say “all inclusive”, we mean it.  There are no add-ons with SammyEHR.  You get it all at one price!  (Please Note:  SammyEHR includes SamNotes, electronic prescriptions, insurance eligibility, patient portal, and much more).

SimpleSam • SimpleSam Plus • SammyUSAMonitorSammy

Each of these programs stand on their own.  SimpleSam is our simple to use electronic billing program.  It is great for lower volume practices who want to electronically store their patient information and send electronic claims.  Payment posting is also a breeze in SimpleSam.  If you are looking to add on an electronic appointment scheduler, networking capabilities and financial reporting, then SimpleSam Plus would be a better fit for your practice.  If you still want more features such as a letter generator, automatic posting of insurance payments, electronic filing cabinet, tons of financial and practice reports and much more, then check out SammyUSA.  Add on electronic prescriptions, additional reports, insurance eligibility and/or offsite backup to any of the three programs if you like.

Check the eligibility and deductible status of Medicare patients in seconds!

Checkmedicare can save you time and money! Here’s how:

  • Verify patient information and eligibility!
  • Receive deductible amount remaining for the year!
  • Receive Primary Insurance information if Medicare is the Secondary Payor
  • Receive Managed Care Organization Information(MCO/HMO) if patient is enrolled.
  • 25 cents per check! No minimum monthly fee!
  • No Time Limit! Transactions never expire!
  • Available Nationwide, 24 Hrs a day, 7 days a week!1
  • Uses Most Web Browsers, No Additional Software Required!2
  • Direct interfaces are available for The Sammy Systems and others. To find out if your software is supported, please contact us.
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant!

MedXpress NSV Services

  • MedXpress works with most billing programs!
  • Send claims over high speed internet:  View MedXpress Carriers
  • Place and pickup files in the MedXpress folder on your computer
  • Receive a notification if a file rejects
  • Reports are held for you for 3 months (never reset a file again)
  • Files are double encrypted
  • Print your entire EOB(835) and/or select the patients on the EOB you would like to print an individual copy for.  View other reports easily as well.
  • We have been in business since 1986 . . . we have staying power!

MIPS Registry

All new things come with challenges.  In the past, we automated much of the PQRS and Meaningful Use actions required by Sammy clients to meet the requirements.  With MIPS, we took the automation to a new level.  It is not our goal to have our clients simply avoid penalties.  We encourage them to go after much deserved bonus payments.

Our registry is available to any provider who would like to use it regardless of what software they use.

MedXpress Specialty Registry

The MedXpress Registry has been appointed by the American Podiatric Medical Association and the American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics as a Specialty Registry for their respective associations. The Specialty Registry Clearing House receives files for both organizations.