Discounted pricing for NYSPMA members

ICS Software, Ltd., maker of The Sammy Systems and MedXpress programs is happy to offer the below discounted pricing to current NYSPMA association members for new clients.

  • SammyEHR – our flagship Podiatry Electronic Health and Medical Records software system you can use to achieve a high level of efficiency in your day to day operations while Sammy automatically tracks the financial health of your practice. Includes fast, effective and total charting via templates, voice dictation or our super macros, practice management activities and automated MIPS tracking freeing you up to see more patients. There is a lot that’s new with Sammy. Be sure to click here to learn more.
    • Retail price: $649 per month for the first doctor and $529 per month for each additional doctor. $2,900 one time setup and implementation fee. MedXpress Registry services are included at no additional charge.
      • NYSPMA member discounted pricing: Receive $50 off the monthly retail price for our private cloud version of SammyEHR. 
  • SammyEHR Lite – The same software as SammyEHR available only for single doctor practices
    • Retail price: $399 per month. $2,900 setup and implementation fee. Includes 50 claims per week prior to a $1 per claim fee assessment above the first 50. MedXpress Registry services are included at no additional charge.
      • NYSPMA member discounted pricing:  If the doctor is exempt from reporting MIPS, the $399 monthly fee becomes $349.
  • MX Appointments (formerly MXConnect) – our automated appointment reminder system that utilizes phone, text and email services to remind patients of their upcoming appointment including a same day of appointment text reminder.
    • Retail price: $0.20 per appointment with a minimum of $99 per month.
      • NYSPMA member discounted pricing: Receive $0.0250 off of the per appointment retail price.
  • is a clearing house that accepts claims in 837P format for any and all insurance companies. Optional Eligibility checking is available as well. Website link is coming soon!
    • Retail price: $79 per month per provider. $150 one time setup and implementation fee
      • NYSPMA member discounted pricing: Receive 10% off the monthly claims fee.
  • MedXpress Registry – a CMS authorized QCDR/Registry where doctors can report their MIPS compliance. We also have over 15 of our own measures for doctors to report on that are all Podiatry related. No need to report on measures from previous years having nothing to do with Podiatry.
    • Retail price: $599 per NPI / TIN combination
      • NYSPMA member discounted pricing: 10% off the retail price

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