Say “Thanks to Your Staff”

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At ICS Software we offer many systems and products that can help improve the efficiency and profitability of your podiatric practice. But we know that nothing we offer is more valuable than your staff! The team that keeps your office humming and ensures that patients experience compassionate and personal care is something to be truly grateful for during this Thanksgiving season. One way you can give thanks to your staff is by lightening their workload—and that’s where we come in! ICS Software offers several ways to reduce burdensome tasks on your staff. Some of our most popular include:

MX Appointments

Your staff will thank you for relieving them of countless tedious hours spent making reminder calls and confirming appointments. MX Appointments can take care of it for them. Once you sign on for this system, your appointments for the next three days will automatically be transmitted to our processing center each night. MX Appointments will then automatically email, text and call your patients reminding them of their upcoming appointments. Patients will have a chance to confirm or contact your office in real time to change an appointment. This service can also be used in case of bad weather or other issues that cause your office to close unexpectedly. No more frantic calls, trying to reach all of your patients on short notice. In addition, your staff will appreciate how MX Appointments creates a smoother flow to the day without unexpected holes in the schedule that require shifting patients around.

Online Intake Forms

You can save your staff time and hassle by having patients fill out intake forms prior to coming to your office with our link for your website. Once Sammy receives the information, you even have the option of importing all of the patient data directly into Sammy EHR. The patient chart and all related information are automatically entered into the appropriate fields for you saving many hours. This also reduces the number of administrative functions staff needs to perform to meet several of the MIPS Quality and Advancing Care measures.

Letter Generator

Our software acts as a mail merge system built into your Sammy EHR. You can create mailings using our built-in templates or your own custom sorted using any and all of your patient demographic and billing data.

These are just a few of the ways that we can help reduce the workload on your staff. To find more, contact us at (888) 680-5711. Your staff will be thankful that you did!

ICSSay “Thanks to Your Staff”